Monthly Competitions These run from September to April. Members are invited to enter as many of the five classes as they can each month - up to 2 entries per member in each class. Complete the entry card provided on the evening and place it by your exhibit with your name face downwards. In each class 1st - 3rd will be awarded and given 6,4,2 points respectively. Every other entry gets one point. There are no competitions in December.  At the end of the season the winner of each class will be the member scoring the most points from 6 or less entries and garden tokens will be awarded to the winners at the AGM in September. 

Classes:   Every month two classes are the same - the Single bloom or stem is always Exhibitor’s choice and the Houseplant is always either a  flowering or foliage plant

The Flower class: 

September - 3 Dahlias or 2 sprays of Floribunda roses

October   - 3 Michaelmas daisies or 3 Dahlias

November - 2 sprays of berries or autumn foliage

January   - 2 Iris or 2 Christmas roses

February  - 3 different Hellebores or 3 different seed heads

March    - 3 different daffodils or 3 snowdrops

April     - 3 sprays of Polyanthus or 1 spray of blossom

The Vegetable class:

September - 5 runner beans or 1 cucumber or Exhibitors choice

 October -  1 cabbage or marrow or Exhibitors choice

 November - 3 carrots or potatoes or 2 Exhibitors choice 

January   - 6 sprouts or 2 cabbages or Exhibitors choice

 February  - 5 onions or 3 shallots or Exhibitors choice 

March    - 5 leeks or 1 lettuce or Exhibitors choice 

April      -1 cauliflower or 5 Spring onions or Exhibitors choice

The Fruit class:

September - 3 dessert apples or tomatoes

 October - 3 dessert pears or 3 nuts

 November - 3 dessert apples

January   - 2 cooking pears or cooking apples

 February  - Exhibitors choice (not frozen) 

March    - 3 cooking or dessert apples 

April      - 2 stalks of rhubarb